Learn More About Scuba Diving Down South

When I was given a dollar whenever that the diver asked me the question, “What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen underwater?” I’d likely be broke, but I’d have a lot more stories to tell!

It’s a fair question though, I have done a lot of dives and who knows what I might have seen down there; mermaids, treasure chests, guys dressed up as unicorns…. The possibilities are endless. It’s a tough question to answer because I have seen tons of stuff underwater, from sunken ships to caves to trains to, believe it or not, a man to sharks. What’s the best? I couldn’t judge, they’re all different kinds of amazing.

Having said that, if you would like to ramp up the chances of seeing something truly mind blowing off, you need to try diving at nighttime. The excitement of getting to a sea and placing the equipment leaves the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. In addition to the thrill of this action, you never know what you might discover, as all kinds of beasties come out to perform at night.

Ten things I adore about night diving in Grand Cayman are:


How does being within a cosmic, underwater snow globe sound? The secret with this stuff is for everybody to turn off their lights (no, I am not joking) and wave their arms around like mad. The effect of the pixie dust that darts around is bioluminescence; a sort of plankton that if disturbed, lights up like a firefly. Try it for a while then turn your light back there are as many people as when you turned it off in the group!

Sleeping Turtles

What is cooler than finding a turtle. Locating a turtle! Turtles work that should you can’t be seen by them, then you can’t see them. So when it is time to hit the hay, then turtles require a breath of air before swimming down to a ledge or rock to wedge their head beneath. Typically when you find one sleeping at night is their turtle butt hanging out in the water. In order to make their breath more, their heart rate fall down as low as one conquer every nine minutes.

Basket Stars

By day, these guys wrap themselves up into a tight ball and attach themselves into the coral. They spread out to feed and start up. When completely open they can look just like the horns of a major satellite dish their arms reach in the ocean. They consume by catching in order to bring the catch waterborne food like plankton or algae then recoil their arms.


I have a vivid imagination, but even so, I am sure that spiny lobsters are somehow about the face huggers from the Aliens movies. At night, it’s far more common to observe lobsters around looking for food, scampering. As a result, that you get to view the creature that is whole, you are going to be amazed than when hiding beneath a stone daily, as to how much bigger they look. A real treat which is much more likely under the cover of darkness is to find a slipper lobster. These men look like they just crawled out of a 50’s B movie and can be found wandering around in the shallows.

Brain coral

Before I started diving, I thought that hard coral was a sort of fair rock, apparently, they’re classed as animals, who understood huh. You won’t catch a bit going for a stroll across the reef, although coral has freedom. You won’t see much movement until the night that is, out of mind coral in any respect. At nighttime, food is caught by the coral from the surrounding water by showing their tentacles. If they catch something out leaving just its empty carcass they pull on the struggling victim in and suck the insides of the pig, it is an impressive sight!


Depending on where you dive, you could find yourself being besieged by a school of tarpon. Creatures of habit, it requires a small local knowledge to discover a dive site where these night time feeders hang out. Some shore because they like to use lights from the property, dive sites attract tarpon. And what is the big attraction? Well, they have silvery, possess a mouth which makes them seem down in the dumps and grow up to lengths of four feet. It is a really cool feeling to be in the water or so large, shiny fish caught in the flashlight.

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